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  Stream Studio Process Overview

1. Strategy and Planning
Project goals and objectives are defined with consideration to budget, audience, appropriate use of technology and expressed business needs. Efficient knowledge transfer is managed between all team members. Accountability is built in through clear roles and responsibilities. A project roadmap is drafted and measurements of success are agreed upon. All documentation and a project journal are maintained on secure project site.

2. Site Design
Site content is logically organized for ease of access to information Scalability is factored in to enable easier site maintenance and feature evolution. We then create a visual representation for this information by adhering to proven design methodologies like artistic sketches, on-screen compositions, feedback and sign-off. These individual steps help educate the team and focus on elements of complicated issues. As a result guarantees that our clients remain in the loop. They are able to make sound decisions and get what they expect.

3. Application Design
We believe data is a company's most valuable, yet overlooked asset because it is the core of the company's information. We also understand the unique benefit of the web to serve as a quick effective conduit for disseminating information. On these two premises, we thoughtfully craft web-based tools that improve communication throughout your organization, supply chain and customer base.

4. Programming and Application Integration
Our production process carries the scalable themes realized in the design stage. We produce shell structures and utilize our code library to quickly overcome challenges. The code is optimized for quick downloads and higher search engine rankings. Our programmers write lucid code and draft appropriate documentation as a professional courtesy to future developers. Lastly, all content is populated. This allows our clients to assemble content right before the site is published.

5. Deployment
Before the site is launched, we host it on a staging server for cross-platform cross-browser (XPXB) testing. This preview version is accessible by our client via the project site for final quality assurance. The site is launched and the team meets for a project debriefing.

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