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 What We Do.

Stream Studio builds and re-designs websites. Our clients usually hire us because they don't have the time, energy or money to hire a fully staffed web development team. They hire us to be their "instant experts" knowing that we can understand their unique business environment, develop an online strategy that complements the business and deliver appropriate web tools accordingly.

As we build a client's website, we create original graphics, help write the text for the site and build online tools. We find and deliver web-based solutions for our client's business problems. Once the site is complete, we help our clients promote and maintain the site.

We are Mediators.
Your sales force may need a tool to facilitate the mechanics of your sales cycle. However, your IT staff does not know exactly how to help the sales force and their previous attempts have not delivered what was needed. Stream Studio then becomes the mediator between your sales team and your IT staff translating needs and requirements in both directions. We know the web and we know how businesses and enterprises approach problems. Our skill lies in reconciling the two.

When It's all Said and Done.
We are a process-oriented organization that builds smart web strategies around expressed business needs. Our clients don't waste time worrying about their website - they leave it up to us. Building websites and creating web strategies are still new endeavors for many of our clients. They rely on us to guide them.

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