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 Power Computing Trivia

Power Computing never did back down from a good fight. The edgy ads led by Marketing Weasel Mike Rosenfelt got plenty of attention and sold a ton of computers.

Notably missing is a series of ads with a tight monochrome close-up of Power's founder: the Korean Cowboy himself, Steve Kahng. The formula was uniform with his easy smile and simple copy like "Steve Says: Fight for the right to choose!" We'll keep you posted if we find some images.

Note: Stream Studio did not create this artwork or these campaign concepts. Most of the campaigns were conveived and managed by Bam! Advertising, Austin, Texas. Visit Bam!

Power Computing Ad
Power Computing engaged artist Frank Kozik (rumored to be one-time roommate of Rosenfelt's) to "repurpose" some of his work in a series of ads. Kozik developed his distinctive style creating posters for rock bands in Austin.

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Power Computing Ad
Power was sued for copyright infringement with this "Puggo" ad. A few years later, Rosenfelt co-founded NotHarvard (now Powered) with a host of other folks from Power Computing. Legal woes followed when NotHarvard sued Harvard University seeking a judgment from the court that declares its domain name noninfringing and protectable under trademark law. Brilliant. The media loved it.

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Power Computing Ad
Macintosh owners, especially PCC owners, are very proud. Customers used to call Power Computing just to request this T-Shirt. At least the hold music was good.

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Power Computing Ad
Conceived by Bam!, this campaign invaded MacWorld San Fancisco in 1997. It included a base camp, uniforms, a helicopter, a fleet of Hummer's and the coveted dog tags.

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Power Computing Ad
CEO Joel Kocher distributed alpine camo pants and required all employees to wear them every Friday. Next time you see Nigel and Shannon, ask them about the Power Nine.

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Power Computing Ad
Power Computing consistently delivered faster machines to market, arguably leading to the company's STAGE RIGHT exit. This is a clip from the GSD&M "Beat the Machine" advertising campaign. Rosenfelt originally wanted the ad to say "Oh Shit!", but this was nixed by MacWorld. Power employee Erick Clark still has an archive of this site version. He became the Art Director at NotHarvard (later Powered).

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Power Computing Ad
Power Computing's farewell ad.

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