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 Shannon Swenson

Shannon Swenson graduated in 1996 from the University of Texas at Austin capturing a B.A. in Psychology with an emphasis on Family Relationships and Child Development.

In November 2000, he married his best friend, April DeGuzman. Shannon and April enjoy dancing, bad movies, mountain biking, rock climbing and road trips. Shannon recently completed his first screenplay entitled
The Levelers.

Birthday: February 14, 1972

Turn-ons: Daisies, kittens, world-peace.

Turn-offs: Bad breath, potholes, road rage, "reality television" other than Cops.

Odd jobs performed while attending college: Cab driver, blackjack dealer, roofer, nightclub valet, ice delivery, repo man, bartender, check collector, security guard, wedding caterer, and Chuck-E-Cheese (yes, the guy in the rat costume).

Lifetime Achievements: "I once crashed in an elevator."

Favorite author: Bukowski, L. Brown and Bly (that's just the B's!).

Philosophy about hitchhikers: "Everybody needs a ride at some point in time. Strangers have given me a lift and I try to return the favor. Once I gave a friend a ride to New Hampshire on my way to Florida from Texas. I figured he could hold his own in a decent conversation and I'd never been to New England anyway."

People would be surprised to learn: "I know how to play the violin."

Goal in life: Make a difference!

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